Atelier Autodidacts Anti-Algorithms (AAAA)
is a cooperation of Artisans from Mali.

The Bogolan connects us, not only to our land and past, but also, to our future, and it gives us unlimited possibilities in the present. The Bogolan, or Bògòlanfini, is an original Malian textile art. The Bogolan (made of mud) is a traditional handmade Malian cotton fabric (finimugu) dyed with fermented mud.

Creating a Bogolan is a labor-intensive cooperation between people and place. All stages of the making of our AAAA Bogolans are done by hand. From picking the cotton, spinning, weaving, dyeing and painting. Our AAAA Bogolan is created in harmony with nature. We use locally grown herbs to dye and mud from the Niger river to paint the patterns.

The native plants used hold medicinal properties. Traditionally the cloth is believed to have the power to absorb dangerous forces released in life-threatening circumstances. That is why a Bogolan is also referred to as ‘medicine cloth. Our ancestors taught us to make patterns holding a variety of protective and beneficial properties. We learned from our ancestors and like to pass it on but with a contemporary twist. Our symbol language is filled with meaning to support wellbeing during our passage through life.

Making a Bogolan is a true slow art process and product. With a minimal of means we create products that speak the language of the soul. Our logo is a simple. The line of 4 A’s. The first letter of the Alphabet. We are, and like to stay beginners. Our patterns may repeat themselves, but not one is the same. The AAAA Bogolan is made with love and every piece is unique. The imperfections you may find in the weaving, print designs, or embroidery make our products perfect.

Thank you for buying our product. This enables us to connect with the market and be self-supporting. We love to hear and see how you give our labor of love a home. Share, connect, follow and learn about us on instagram.

Special thanks to

Birgitta de Vos for (re)connecting us to our creative heritage.
Lidewij Edelkoort for connecting us to the international design world.
Haram Sidibe for connecting us to each other.
Samantha IJsbrandy for connecting us to the market.