Our work is made in harmony with nature and a work of many hands.
Every Textile Totem is signed with love.

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Atelier Autodidacts Anti-Algorithms (AAAA)

When tourist travel came to a standstill in Mali, due to insecure and unsafe travel, our already marginalised artisan communities, lost all income. Supported by the EU and the UN/ITC/EFI, Lidewij Edelkoort, Birgitta de Vos and Samantha IJsbrandy (Atelier Sukha) joined forces with Haram Sidibe to commit themselves to assist us, textile artisans in Mali. AAAA was born. Together we revived the creative and cultural heritage of Mali. An amazing product range of textile totems (wall hangings) and cushions came into being. All handmade with love. A one-of-a-kind product range that combines the traditional skills of weaving, Bogolan dyeing and hand painting, with a contemporary, yet timeless touch.

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Our Textile Totems ‘Birth’ and ‘Process’ are all about the journey we take in life. Nothing is set in stone… all that happens is a step by step discovery … creating one’s own path in life. Every moment is a new beginning.