Handpicked items to explore

Our work connects us, not only to our land and past but also to our future
and it gives us unlimited possibilities in the present.

We learned from our ancestors and like to pass it on but with a contemporary twist.
Our symbol language is filled with meaning to support wellbeing during our passage through life.

Made in Mali – Bonded by love – Made by hand – Joined with joy – Textile Art – Organic Cotton – In harmony with nature – A slow process – A cultural heritage – A gift to our children – Textile Totems – Woven by hand – One-of-a-kind – Made by young and old – Dyed with herbs – Painted with mud – Skilled crafts – A coming together – Of past and present – Of faith and trust – A collection to collect – Working together – A dance of rhythm – A song of the earth – In the flow of now – From father to son – Learned and passed on – From hand to hand – From mother to mother – Applied arts – From master to student – Patterns for wellbeing – Pure products – Hands that create – Products with soul – From us to you!